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What challenge did you have that Corrigan Logistics solved?

We use some custom foodservice equipment that is large, awkward to move, and fairly expensive.  To be able to install this equipment in our franchisees’ stores, we have to coordinate the delivery of the machine, the arrival of the manufacturer’s install team, our franchisee’s contractor or electrician, and coordination with various Little Caesar’s corporate team members.  Corrigan owns the movement of the machine from the manufacturer’s location to the install site, and assists with the movement of the machine into the retail store.

What do you like most about working with Corrigan Logistics?

Flexibility.  Corrigan has demonstrated that their ultimate goal is to help us achieve our goals.  So, whereas some partners look for reasons to fit their customers into their preset offering, Corrigan works with us to provide a solution that works for us, our equipment suppliers, and our franchisees.  Installing these machines is like conducting a logistics symphony.  However, Corrigan makes it seem easy by offering suggestions, ideas, and options so that everyone’s needs are met.

Why would you recommend Corrigan Logistics to another company in your industry?

They make themselves part of the team.  Sometimes companies keep an arm’s length distance between themselves and a project.  Corrigan does just the opposite.  They participate in the planning, discussions, and stakeholder meetings to make sure we all achieve our goals.  They truly represent what it means to have a partner, and they make our success their own success.

Eric Brasseur, Vice President, Store Engineering & Equipment Services, Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

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“Corrigan Logistics has a team of skilled and very knowledgeable FF&E Installers. They are organized team players and provide open communication. Corrigan has helped us navigate tight turnovers, oversized furniture, and on-site storage issues. I would definitely recommend Corrigan Logistics to another company in our industry.”

Catherine Bernal, Senior Project Manager, HPG International, LLC.

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“Corrigan Logistics has helped us through many challenges over the years. I like having a dependable team that I can work with. Our partnership is successful, and I would recommend Corrigan Logistics to other companies that have a need to utilize their services of warehouse receiving, storage and installation of furnishings.”

Leslie Stougaard, Advantage Purchasing Partners

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