Reverse Logistics

Responsibly Repurpose Your Assets

Returning products, recycling, and upgrading equipment are all necessary for your business to operate. With reverse logistics, we make them easy to manage so you can focus on the customer.

Reverse logistics is the process of managing the return of goods from customers back to the manufacturer or distributor. This can be for reasons like returns, repairs, recalls, or recycling. It’s an integral part of supply chain management that helps businesses recapture value from returned items or ensure their proper disposal. In short, it turns potential losses into recoverable assets, enhancing customer satisfaction and sustainability.

When your products need to be recovered, Corrigan Logistics has a Reverse Logistics plan that can meet your need. Like all of Corrigan Logistics’ services, our project managers craft a customized plan to properly track, recover, and move your product. Once your product has been recovered, we offer flexible options to cater to your needs. We can return the product to the original seller, or alternatively, we can dispose of it using our sustainable disposal methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maximizing potential recovery of value.


At Corrigan, we believe that transparency is paramount for effective management. Our advanced, cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS) ensures that you can track and manage your Reverse Logistics plan in real-time, giving you complete visibility and control over your assets. At every stage of the process, you have immediate access to crucial information about where your product is located and what the recovery plan entails.


Our extensive network of partners through UniGroup Logistics grants you access to over 500 last-mile agents spread across the country. This expansive reach means we can be on-location to recover your assets from virtually anywhere in the nation. Moreover, our teams are trained to handle the products with White Glove services. Regardless of the type of asset or its condition, we will devise a strategy to safely recover it for you.

Reuse and Recycle

At Corrigan, we understand that recovered products still hold value. When products are recovered through Reverse Logistics, we ensure that you reap the benefits of this residual value. We can transport items back to your facility for repurposing or assist in disposing of them in the most sustainable and profitable way. This approach not only helps in waste reduction but also contributes to your bottom line.

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Our Reverse Logistics Services Include:

Inventory Management

Asset Recovery

Sustainable Disposal Options

Benefits of a Reverse Logistics plan:

• Reduce storage costs

• Reduce distribution costs

• Maintain customer satisfaction

• Address recalls

• Recoup value from assets

• Reduce waste

• Improve operational efficiency

Reverse logistics services reduced environmental impact
A Green Solution

Corrigan Logistics works with multiple e-waste recycle partners we can help you reduce the impact on the environment and still complete your fulfillment process.

Specialty Industries Serviced

Retail Industry logistics management services

Retail Fixtures

Management for retail fixtures including white-glove delivery

High Value Electronics logistics management services

High-Value Electronics

Extra care for the most sensitive of products

Hospitality industry logistics management services

Hospitality Installation

Complete visibility and tracking from manufacturer to installation

Tradeshow industry logistics management services

Trade Shows

Exhibit materials delivered on-time to meet strict timetables

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We are a member of UniGroup Logistics, providing a global network of transportation experts. With 500 domestic warehouses, our partnership with UniGroup Logistics Network gives us unparalleled access and control over inventory management

Reverse logistics services, repurposing assets
Warehousing and distribution services
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