Asset Management

Complete Visibility of Your Product

Corrigan Logistics offers a proprietary inventory management system that gives complete visibility of your product.

Our asset management process provides complete monitoring of your product. We will manage and monitor your assets to ensure your product is handled and delivered accurately every time. Corrigan Logistics manages the entire asset life cycle, from loading at manufacturing through decommission and recycling. 

Asset Management Software

Through Corrigan’s proprietary asset management system, our cloud-based platform allows for complete customization for your project. Our system is designed to be flexible and work Regardless of the project or asset.


Corrigan Logistics provides complete reporting and tracking for your projects. We believe in providing transparency so you can be confident that your dollars are spent in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Our reports show asset movement, inventory management, and expense tracking. 

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Our Asset Management Services Include:

Inventory Management

Cloud-Based WMS



• Inventory control

• Real-time tracking

• Better customer service

• Data analytics

• Cost-effective 

• Avoid inventory shortages

Warehousing services, packaged items

Specialty Industries Serviced

Retail Industry logistics management services

Retail Fixtures

Management for retail fixtures including white-glove delivery

High Value Electronics logistics management services

High-Value Electronics

Extra care for the most sensitive of products

Hospitality industry logistics management services

Hospitality Installation

Complete visibility and tracking from manufacturer to installation

Tradeshow industry logistics management services

Trade Shows

Exhibit materials delivered on-time to meet strict timetables

UniGroup Logistics Network logo

Corrigan is a member of UniGroup Logistics, providing a global network of transportation experts. With 500 domestic warehouses, our partnership with UniGroup Logistics Network gives us unparalleled access and control over inventory management

Warehousing secured assets
Inventory asset management employee
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