History of Corrigan

Corrigan Logistics is a sub-division of Corrigan Moving Systems, one of the largest and most respected full-service moving companies in the nation.  The Corrigan Story starts back in 1923 when Frank “The Chief” Corrigan moved from the lumber camps of Quebec to Michigan.  In Dearborn, MI he joined the Ford Motor Company.  The Chief was ambitious, and when he wasn’t working at Ford, he began delivering ice after-hours with his trucks.  Around the time The Great Depression hit The Chief switched from hauling ice with his three trucks to helping people affected by the depression move.  This lead to the foundation of Corrigan Moving in 1929.


The Chief guided the business through the Great Depression and World War II before passing the torch to his son, Paul, in 1946.  Under Paul’s leadership, Corrigan grew from a single small office into one of the largest movers in the country today.  Corrigan joined forces with United Van Lines in 1949, and Paul served as its Chairman of the Board for over 20 years.


The company is now lead by Paul’s sons, David and Michael Corrigan.  The company is stronger than ever with 12 Midwest locations, 500 employees, 100 long distance drivers, 500,000 square feet of warehouse and more than $75 million of business annually.  The Corrigans remain true to the company’s founding philosophy of customer care and commitment to excellence that Frank instilled when he first started the business.


As Corrigan grew, it also expanded its service offerings.  One major area of expansion was into the logistics field.  Corrigan became experts in handling a variety of diversified logistics tasks, from transportation and  shipping, to Hospital and Laboratory relocations, to Retail Display roll-outs.


Today, Corrigan has grown into one of the most respected moving and logistics companies in the nation.  Through their partnership with UniGroup Logistics Corrigan is part of a nationwide network of warehouses and service providers who can handle logistics projects anywhere in the country.  Corrigan Logistics is uniquely positioned for future success due to their talented and dedicated moving team, and endless pursuit of excellence.