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Brandon Kress

General Manager

1-616-885-9891  Direct


Bryan Steensma

Vice President of Sales

1-616-827-9306  Direct


Mike Steensma

Director of Business Development

1-616-827-9310 Direct


Luke Winstrom

Director of Business Development

1-616-827-9316 Direct


Joel DeMaagd

Director of Long Distance Operations

1-616-827-9319 Direct


Mike Lovell

Long Distance Operations

1-616-827-9303 Direct


Elly Hurd

Operations Manager

1-616-827-9314 Direct


Patrick Dobbins

Senior Special Products Planner – East Coast

1-616-827-9317 Direct


Teddy Phillips

Special Products Planner – Great Lakes / South

1-616-419-5698 Direct


Craig Lynch

Special Products Planner – West Coast

1-616-419-5699 Direct


Anna Capriglione

Project Coordinator

1-616-827-9302 Direct


Heath DeHaan

Project Coordinator

1-616-827-9311 Direct


Ashlee Haase

Project Coordinator

1-616-885-9664 Direct


Holly Mlynek

Project Coordinator

1-616-827-9313 Direct


Susie Stevens

Project Coordinator

1-616-827-9309 Direct


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