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A Guide to White Glove Services

Have you ever tried to load or deliver a valuable asset in less than perfect circumstances. In that case, you’ll know how challenging it can be – particularly if your valuable assets aren’t in a secure location or in a condition that allows them to be delivered in the first place. If it’s a load you want to load or deliver quickly, the best thing to do is hire a specialist freight company that provides white glove service.

Freight companies are specialized third-party logistics and delivery companies that are experienced at providing expert transport and logistics services. The unique ability to work in “any” situations means that there’s no time limit when it comes to valuable cargo: if you need it, they can provide it. As they’re prepared to tackle any delivery job, big or small, they offer a unique type of service that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

What are White Glove Services?

White glove services have become a trending buzzword in shipping and logistics, and you can use these services to load and deliver any goods you may sell, offer or deliver to your customers. Whether you are sending a load of lumber or moving a load of goods from point A to point B, a white glove service can make life easier for the shipper and the customer. Standard freight services typically include pickup and delivery by truck, and has the added benefit of care taken with the packing and loading can save you time and money.

For instance, a white glove service provides a valuable role by having an experienced and trained workforce that ensures that sensitive shipments are made with the highest efficiency and confidentiality while also reducing the risk of damage or destruction.

Finding the Right Company

If you’re looking for a great courier delivery partner, you need to ensure that they offer a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality service. That doesn’t just mean choosing a delivery company based on good rankings or customer feedback. Rather, it means ensuring that they have the right kind of equipment to get the job done correctly.

The next category of white glove services that you need to pay attention to is customer service. Of course, you are shipping valuable items, and you want to make sure that the company you ship your items with takes good care of them. This means you should ask about the company’s training on shipping products and precious items. Ask them how they wrap the valuable items and take special measures to ensure they don’t break or become damaged during transport.

Lastly, ask them how long it typically takes them to deliver a shipment and what their delivery schedule looks like. Good white glove services will be able to give you these answers and more.

Benefits of White Glove Services

There’s no doubt that white glove delivery systems are an extremely valuable service, and it isn’t just because they are an efficient way to transport. The service can help to ensure that your delivery is completed and won’t get damaged along the way. For example, if an important product needs transporting to an area where it’ll be received by an important client, using a white glove service can help ensure that the delivery process will go smoothly and that the product will reach its intended customer.

For the customer, getting a verified package means that they won’t have to be worried about damage during transport. This includes any possible damaging exposure to climate conditions, such as rain or extreme cold. The same applies to items in the package.

Another one of the significant benefits of using a white delivery glove moving service is the speed. When crating items yourself, it can take months to load them, arrange for pick up, and deliver. This could prove extremely costly to your business if you overcharge or do not deliver on time. A specialized, professional, white delivery service cuts down on this time-consuming process by arranging the transportation and storage of your items right from the start. You’ll be surprised at how much time you can save using a white delivery service.

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