What is Logistics and What Can a Logistics Company Do For You?

What is Logistics and What Can a Logistics Company Do For You?

Logistics has been an essential component of manufacturers in maintaining productivity, reducing costs, and ensuring every customer’s needs have been met. The logistics company plans, executes, and controls the transportation, processing, and storage of products, information, or services within a supply chain from the point of origin to the point of sale and between the points of the source and consumption.

So, what are all the different types of services that logistics companies perform? As every company is different, they will provide various services, so let’s go into more detail about Corrigan Logistics services.


Transportation is a service of moving goods from one place to another. Using this type of transportation service will find the best routes and protect your goods while in transit.

With Corrigan Logistics, you will be provided with the highest quality transportation services, as we connect you with a dedicated support team that manages all your logistics needs. They will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned. Corrigan is well-positioned to provide the highest quality service with the best pricing, whether we use our asset-based fleet or one of the many carriers we partner with. Corrigan Logistics can provide transportation solutions that best fit your needs.


Warehouses are an important part of the supply chain, as they are where products are stored when they are not in transport. The warehouses are always in movement, whether it is receiving new items to be stored and preparing items to be shipped. Logistics companies need to optimize these warehouses by ensuring that it’s using their space wisely, adding protection measures, and overcoming the challenges that come with warehouses.

Corrigan Logistics will treat your products like they are our own, and our trained professionals will be receiving and inspecting your products when they arrive. Once finished, they will be barcoded and logged into our system before they are stored. When they are ready to be shipped, they will be pulled and prepped then dispatched.

Project Management

Project Management pulls everything together and creates a custom logistic plan that meets your project’s unique challenges while supporting your business goals. This is accomplished by detailing each step of the process and examining any potential challenges. In case of such an event, we will have a contingency plan and provide you with all the necessary resources to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Corrigan matches you with a dedicated support team who oversees the execution of your project and remains actively involved in the whole process to ensure the plan created runs smoothly and to adjust things when the unexpected occurs.

White Glove Services

When your products are delivered, no warehouse worker is waiting on the other end that is experienced and handling your products, and that is where white glove services come into play. These services provide professional crews that will deliver, place and install items at the desired location. With our fully trained crews, Corrigan specializes in this service. We handle and deliver your products with the utmost care wherever they are required.

Asset Management

Asset management is when a logistics company monitors your products. By doing so, you ensure that your products are handled correctly and delivered on time. Across the asset life cycle, Corrigan Logistics oversees everything from loading and manufacturing to decommissioning and recycling.

Freight Forwarding

Logistics companies manage international transportation, whether it be ocean or air freight, through freight forwarding. With Corrigan Logistics, we will provide door-to-door transportation anywhere in the world, as well as consulting on the best solutions and meeting all your transportation needs.

Reverse Logistics

A reverse logistics service will be necessary at times if products need to be recovered. Your product will be tracked, recovered, and moved correctly, and then the item will be returned to the original seller or disposed of sustainably.

Our team is experienced at handling challenging projects and will be there when it counts.

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