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In the realm of hospitality FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) logistics, Corrigan Logistics is an industry leader. Our dedicated teams of installers and project engineers efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to customers across the nation. To provide a more comprehensive perspective on the expertise Corrigan offers in FF&E logistics, we’re shining a spotlight on one of our customer favorites, project superintendent Glenn Plante. By seeing services and projects through the eyes of a superintendent, we can further exemplify the quality and commitment to excellence that Corrigan Logistics delivers to each customer. Glenn represents the caliber of all Corrigan Logistics superintendents and project engineers who share his dedication and expertise.

Superintendent Glenn Plante is pictured with “Fixer Upper” star Chip Gaines during recent hotel renovations.

Glenn Plante’s Journey: Glenn Plante, as an owner-operator and superintendent for Corrigan Logistics, contributes over four decades of invaluable experience in the moving and logistics industry, specializing in FF&E installations that transform spaces into functional, stylish environments. Glenn’s journey in the logistics industry began in 1977, and his passion for moving soon became his lifelong vocation. As an owner-operator and superintendent, he leads a dedicated crew that travels nationwide, turning hotel FF&E installations into an art form. With each project spanning approximately 2-3 months, Glenn’s adeptness at overseeing 2-3 jobs simultaneously is a testament to his skill and efficiency. His expertise is reflective of the commitment and skill of Corrigan Logistics’ superintendents and project engineers.

Teamwork and Collaboration: In the world of logistics, teamwork is paramount. Glenn Plante leads a team of five core members and relies on local labor for nationwide projects, enabling him to oversee around 20 employees at any given time. His ability to manage and inspire such a large workforce speaks volumes about the leadership that Corrigan Logistics’ superintendents and project engineers bring to every job. It’s this spirit of teamwork and dedication that distinguishes Corrigan Logistics and its entire team.

Unique Approach to Boutique Hotels: Glenn specializes in boutique hotels, which present unique challenges and opportunities. Unlike chain hotels with standardized rooms, boutique hotels offer a diverse array of room designs. Glenn’s attention to detail and inventory management is essential in ensuring that each room receives the right FF&E components. Interior designers have immense trust in Glenn, often altering their plans to accommodate his valuable insights.

Challenges in a Dynamic Industry: The logistics industry is constantly evolving, and Glenn Plante faces his fair share of challenges. One significant hurdle is dealing with construction delays, which are a common occurrence. Glenn and his team often start with a skeleton crew to work around other contractors on the job. Their adaptability and problem-solving skills ensure that the project stays on track. All Corrigan superintendents are quick to adapt and solve any unexpected challenges that may arise, ensuring seamless project delivery.

Warehousing Expertise: Storage and warehousing play a pivotal role in our daily operations. Glenn, and all Corrigan Logistics superintendents, collaborates with Corrigan warehouses and the United Van Lines system to store and manage furniture and FF&E pieces. The meticulous inventory management ensures that each piece finds its rightful place in the hotel rooms.

Alterations and Collaboration: As new hotel constructions trend toward fully assembled units, Glenn’s role extends to altering furniture to accommodate cords and outlets. His collaboration with project electricians is a testament to his adaptability and willingness to work closely with other professionals to achieve a seamless outcome.

Conclusion: Glenn Plante’s journey in the logistics industry is a testament to his dedication and expertise. His specialty in FF&E installations, and his ability to navigate the challenges of the industry make Corrigan Logistics a unique and indispensable player in the world of logistics. Through Glenn, we can see the dedication and superior skill level that we offer to each project. At Corrigan Logistics, it’s our collective commitment to excellence that sets us apart and ensures the highest quality service for our customers nationwide.




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