Industry Solutions: See What Corrigan Can Do For Your Industry

Many companies rely on Logistic services to help them solve specific problems or need assistance with their products when they need to store or ship them. Corrigan created their services so they could be diverse and can be used by different clients, and certain industries require high-touch service and consistent quality. Let’s explore each Industry Solution in more detail so you can see what Corrigan can do for you.

Retail Fixture

Creating a plan to roll out new or updated products can be complicated, which is why Corrigan’s various services can help you create a custom solution to make everything go smoothly. You will work closely with a dedicated support team who will be there throughout the entire process and will work with the product manufacturers and your team to craft the perfect rollout plan.


Time is of the essence when it comes to rolling out a plan, so our transportation services are always available to move your products when you need them. Whether you need to move products from the manufacturer’s facility to a single location or when you need them to be sent to various locations nationwide.


The delivery and placement of your retail fixtures with care is something we also help with using White Glove Services. The driver will bring them to the desired location, and then the team of experts will manage the rest; they are trained on your products and will handle them with the utmost care.

High-Value Electronics

When it comes to high-value electronics, they need to be moved and transported in a particular way as they are often delicate and need protection to ensure they arrive safely. Corrigan is unique because we have created a stable environment for transporting these goods by using anti-static wrappings and trailers with air suspensions; in addition, the storage is temperature-controlled. Moving these types of high-value electronics can also be time-sensitive, so it’s possible to overnight or expedite the service to move your items quickly.

Hospitality Installation

When building a new or renovating hospitality building like a hotel or restaurant, you have to plan to outfit the whole place with new FF&E ( Furniture, fixtures, and equipment), which can be time-consuming and costly. As part of our End-to-End Solutions, Corrigan can manage the transportation and storage of your products when they are ready from the manufacturer until they are installed. Once you are ready, our expert installation crews will come to install and remove any debris, leaving your space completely transformed.

Trade Shows

Making sure your trade show goes off without a hitch means that you need a reliable company that will help with the shipping of your products to ensure they are there on time and ready to be set up. Corrigan will manage your delivery with our White Glove drivers, who are experienced with handling products, provide a trained team that knows your specific requirements, and makes sure everything goes smoothly when things are set up and taken down.


Like high-value electronics, healthcare facilities also deal with sensitive equipment that needs to be handled and shipped with care. Our team is trained on special handling procedures that ensure everything is safely and quickly delivered because we understand the importance of delivering medical equipment on time.


Organizing and transporting your collection of priceless artwork, artifacts, and specimens requires specialized handling. At Corrigan, we will create a customized artifact protection plan for transporting and creating your artwork and artifacts to be safely transported and make sure that the more fragile and delicate items are taken care of by a team trained to handle them. Additionally, you can store items in a climate- and humidity-controlled environment to keep your sensitive items in the proper conditions.



Now that we’ve seen all the Industry Solutions in detail, it’s time to take advantage of what Corrigan can do for you. Contact us today for more information about our services.


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